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“What distinguishes yoga asana from any other system is it’s focus on attaining stillness. This begins with the strength and discipline to still the body in any asana. Holding an asana expands the consciousness and level of awareness through observation and concentration.  Asana is a way of becoming ‘seated’ in consciousness, so that the postures are executed in with the intention of uniting (breath), body and mind…”
This practice gradually deepens the effect of pratyahara, thereby preparing the yogi for the sublime practice of meditation.”   (Mas Vidal)
Vinyasa Krama is the art of intelligent sequencing of yoga postures. Connected harmoniously by the breath.
PrANin Yoga is the developing method of Fernando Alvarez, a certified yoga teacher trained in various traditions of yoga, to include, Iyengar yoga, Anusara yoga , and Vinyasa Krama. He has incorporated these into his teachings resulting in a dynamic, alignment & breath-based method designed to advance students progressively, while teaching them to stay safe in their own practice.
The benefits of a consistent yoga practice are numerous and can include:
·         Increased flexibility and balance
·         Increased muscle strength
·         Weight loss
·         Cardiovascular and respiratory health
·         Improved sleep and rest
·         Energy throughout the day, Improved mental focus
Fernando teaches classes in various locations in the Palm Desert area. In addition he will work with you to build a custom yoga practice that meets the needs of your body, mind and spirit. Please review the Bio Page for more information about Fernando’s background and certifications.
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